…In Like a Lion

March is here and with it comes warmer weather, longer days, and a solidly good reason to wear more green on your long run. While warm weather and longer days are absolutely enough to make March one of the most excellent months of the calendar year, there are also a few more reasons that we think are worthy of a mention.

For starters, hitting the trail for a run is more like wandering into a scene right out of Snow White. (You know the one) A fairy tale land with birds singing, trees and flowers blooming, and wildlife everywhere ready to greet you and say hello. I mean, how could it not be? Earth is waking up after all.

Then there is the running warm up, which is suddenly not so miserable. Especially after starting every single run in sub-arctic temperatures for the last several months. For that matter, how many mornings did you sit in the car or at your breakfast table nursing that last sip of warm coffee before you headed out into the abyss that we know as January and February. Ugh! Perish the thought!
Warmer weather definitely equals happier warm-ups as well as more willingness to leave the comfort of whatever heated space you are in.

Finally, March brings along with it spring and spring brings romance and this is, in my considered opinion, the best thing about the glorious month of March. I mean, we all love a little romance, right? So, now that the cold dark days of getting the miles in are coming to an end, I hope you will find yourself falling in love with running all over again.

Welcome March!

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