We at P42R want to thank all of our awesome sponsors!

Big Dog Running Company – Big Dog Fleet Feet is Columbus, Georgia’s full service specialty running store. Offering a full array of quality running shoes, apparel, and accessories. If that isn’t enough you should know that it is a shop full of our friends, a place to get a cold drink, and where we often meet to go for a run.

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CeraSport is the hydration solution for athletes, which I happen to love! The proven rice-based formula works with your body’s natural functions to hydrate and restore electrolytes. With CeraSport, you avoid the insulin spikes and byproducts of traditional sports drinks. It is fast-acting and long-lasting, and the only sports drink that actually supports your physical exertion during exercise. CeraSport hydrates your body and sustains your energy levels.

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Beres Chiropractic, center is my once a week go to for self car and that is how I stay healthy and run all the miles. Dr. Beres is certified in Active Release Technique and Graston, which he uses to treat soft tissue issues including athletic injuries. He also uses a wide variety of adjusting styles/techniques.

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